This is Radio Monte Carlo. This is not just an international radio brand, but a whole phenomenon in the world of music, fashion and art! Radio Monte Carlo is always number one. If Radio Monte Carlo is playing in your car or at a friendly party, it means that you have excellent taste, you are like a skilled sommelier who has chosen the best kind of wine, which has no equal. Radio Monte Carlo is an exquisite luxury that is available to everyone.   

  The basis of the broadcast is unusual and interesting music in genres such as Lounge, Soul, Indie Pop, Chillout and Trip Hop, as well as time-tested rock and pop ballads, forgotten hits and cover versions of cult hits. Radio Monte Carlo has gathered for you an exquisite collection of all shades of light music: from the world-famous masters of the mainstream to independent musicians from the outskirts of megacities. From Sting and Sade to Portishead and Tricky, from Mylene Farmer, Simply Red and Dido to, Bjork and Jay-Jay Johanson.

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    If you have lost any track, then write to [email protected] with an indication of the approximate time of the sound of the song on the air
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